Flutschi anal 80 ml lub.

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Glide gently into the paradise of lust! Flutschi, the lubricant with the stimulating scent of ambergris provides pure anal pleasures. The formula fulfilling highest quality requirements is water- and silicone-based. This combination ensures long-lasting gliding qualities without being too sticky. On the contrary, the application leaves a wonderfully velvety and silky feeling on the skin! Since Flutschi is free of grease and oil and is also water-based, stains are no issue. This lubricant is also reliable when using love toys and is safe to use with rubber and latex. Without paraben Contents: 80 ml. Please note: Do not use this lubricant with sex toys that are made out of silicone, as it may damage the toy's surface.


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Flutschi anal 80 ml lub.

Flutschi anal 80 ml lub.

Flutschi anal 80 ml lub.


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